Great Mourning on Christmas day


It’s around 7am on the day of Christmas being 25th December, I had an emergency that took me away from home. As I passed through a compound, I started hearing sounds of Mourning. But I was not able to breeze in because I was in haste. Shortly after that, I heard that some people had committed murder leading to the outcry I heard that morning.

Now question is, why should someone commit murder? Even on a Christmas day. Hmm, it was not murder. Yes to us, it will not be considered so, but to the others in that Kingdom it’s a great calamity. Why is it so? I wonder.

That’s not the case. The question is: What is the purpose of Christmas? – celebration of the Lord’s anniversary. Remembering that he came to the world. For what purpose – to deliver his people from their sin. This means that sin is a slave master and people have to be delivered from him…..

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