Just a Step


Just a step. Yes, a step in the right direction will put things straight for you in the year 2016.

I wondered at my foolishness the day I started moving to a direction that I did not know the day that I lost my way on my bid to locate my way back to my home from school.

Still a young boy of about 11, I had a high school admission in one of the schools in my town. But I wasn’t not raised in the same town. I had already passed through my first level in high school but from another school. This time, due to some circumstances, my father had to change my school to the one in my town. So, I he took me to school the first time and I needed to come back from school on my own. Because the pathway that my father took me through was kind of scary, I decided to take another road to make it easier for me. But eventually, I lost my way. The more I tried to figure out the way on my own, the more I continued deeper in a wrong direction. This continued until I decided to swallow my pride and trace my way back to the path my father took me through. This time, I had to stand in the way and ask for the road. This way, I was able to trace my way back and eventually, I arrived.

I tell you brethren, 2016 is here. I bid you to stand in the way and ask of the ancient way, where the good way is… Just make a pause to be sure that you are not getting lost the more. I tell you, for you to be able to trace your way back. You need a guide just as I needed someone to lead me home. You can’t do it on your own. The good news is that someone is available and is ready to help you – the Holy Spirit. I charge you brethren, take a brief pause and trace your step back in the right direction.

This 2016, will not see you bad. It will see you good. Yes, just a step decided correctly can make you great. I know that you have not been in 2016 before now. But there’s someone who has been there – the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. He’s available and he delights in helping people find there way back to their father. Will you subscribe to his help? Your decision is yours. Please share this message to all your friends you would not want to enter into the new year unaided.

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