FALSE HUMILITY by Emmanuel Ogbuefi


…….In Christianity today, we see that all is not well. We are in a generation of ‘actors’ where everybody lives with false performance and presenting the actual reality and personality of who they are not. We tend to present the best of ourselves and showcases what we are not.
They taught us that we don’t have the second chance to create the first impression. So we always ‘ act and perform’ as if we are on the stage. We present the fresh and best wine each time we meet someone for the first time leaving such person with an impression that we have the great and best wine. John 2:10 said something that I want to share ‘’And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse:……….’’.
This was the story of the Miracle at Canaan in Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine. The master of the ceremony said that ‘’everyman” irrespective of whom he or she is, always set the best wine for people to drink at the beginning. All the bad mannerism, habits, characters, lifestyles will be hidden from you. If a intelligent chain smoker and alcoholic wants to catch a Christian sister to marry, he will not like the sister to know that he is a chain smoker at the beginning, if he is a very arrogant and hot tempered man, he will still not like her to notice it. So you see him smiling and putting up a false face even when he was offended. I call it ‘’acting”. Even in Churches and Fellowships today, a sister can answer the pastor ‘’yes sir” but has never answered same to her husband. The very man that paid her bride price and married her into his home, yet she answers the man of God ‘Sir’. don’t you know that its also another name of acting? Ohhh that men will always be themselves, Ohhh that God will give me grace to be what and whom he has made me to be without acting or performing in quest of men’s approval. How terrible will it be for me when men has given good and wonderful testimonies about my life because I ‘acted’ yet God is seeing and saying quite the opposite because he knows I have only ‘ performed’…….

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