Life is a stage. You come and play your role and get down. No replay is available for any since too much persons are still in line waiting for their turn; some to make a difference, others to drag men to hell. Don’t be a victim, how?

Many people are already in the net of the devil. Some cannot live their evil ways not because they like it, but because they lack the power. Many are tired of the church, because the church also has left speaking the truth and going after mammon. Many rich men have had their eyes closed with titles. Many are ashamed of going to the church, others are ashamed of answering altar calls because of what the people around will say. The worst person in the world knows what is good and what is wrong, yet he lacks the ability to do what is right. Are you in this category?


The only way out is to surrender your life to Jesus. Accept him into your life as Lord and savior and you will receive grace to say No to the deceptions of the devil. It must not be in the church. It can be here in Facebook. Yes, this is an opportunity right at your very door. Nobody to influence your decision, just you. Yes, you can. Jesus loves you, that’s why he came and died for you and for mankind that as many as received Him will receive the power to be called children of God. You may have given your life to Jesus, but are still finding it difficult to follow. You can reach me for counseling via and I will take you in a series of studies that will stand you out via email messages.

Want to make that decision now?

Sincerely pray, Lord Jesus, please I believe and accept you this moment as my Lord and savior. I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that God did raise you from the dead. Please, grant me grace to say No to all unrighteousness and to live for you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer and want to engage me in online counselling through emails, please send your decision to and definitely I will get back to you on a personal note.

Welcome back.

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