Stop Lassa Fever

Hello Friends!

Today, I want to share with us on something really important. For now it seems that the fumes are down. Yet, I dare tell you that something is still happening under the closed doors of ignorance around the world especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

What am I talking about? It is the dreaded LASSA fever which has been proven to be transmitted by infected rats. When the menace of this ugly disease was high, the news all over carried it. It was given a national attack. Virtually everyone that has internet enabled phone connected to social media saw the information and even helped in transmitting the same for their loved ones to benefit from.

This is good, but now what is happening? Do you still wash your hands with soap and water? Do you still fight against rats? How often do you cover your food items in air-tight containers?

Hmmm! I really do not wish to border you with questions. But just follow the video and grab more information about this lassa virus. Just like you shared the message of the lassa virus when it was at its peak, do not hesitate to share the video again.

Keep a good hygiene. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Shalom


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