My dear future mothers,

I send you greetings and message over our girls’ guild Sunday Celebration. May the peace and the blessings of God be multiplied to you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Your theme for this year is, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” (1Cor 3:16).It is a way of reminding you that you are so precious in God’s sight. You are great treasures of inestimable value; both in God’s sight and before all men. This is why I have taken it upon myself to care and to pray for you. I pray that God’s purpose in making yor a woman be fully realized in your life in the name of Jesus. I pray that God’s will make your whole spirit, soul and body to be conformed to His image in Jesus’ name. Amen.

My dear future mothers, we’re no doubt in a difficult and challenging world today. The situation is not getting any better as days progress, especially for you girls. We are in a confused world where young girls experience immense pressure from all imaginable and unimaginable dimensions. Some of you have reached a breaking point such that you do know which way to turn to. Sometimes those you rely on have taken advantage of you for selfish interests. Some of them have placed your hopes hanging in a balance; leaving you misdirected and in great spiritual danger. As a result of such levels of emotional and spiritual pressures, some of you have succumbed to temptation to do evil. The worst of such sins is the one some of you have committed against their own bodies through sexual immorality. This is the reason God commands us to maintain a holy life because he is holy (1Pet 1:16). You need to make God your anchor of hope in such a difficult world that we are in now.

As living temples of the Holy Spirit, you will be doing yourself and God great disservice to employ it for immodest dressing and sexual immorality of all sorts. Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that many girls by association and especially through the use of the Internet facilities get involved in such abominable practice as lesbianism. This is not civilization, but a total deviation from civilized life. It is not wisdom, but a degradation of the body and personality. When you get yourselves in such vices as lesbianism and prostitution it amounts to marketing and selling of the body cheap. If the Holy Spirit lives in you but you choose to debase your body for the sake of some cheap pleasure, you are of all people most pitiable. That you are a home to the Holy Spirit means that you are incomparably of immense worth, far beyond the highest reward that the pleasure of this life could give. It means that you have God in you and therefore you need nothing more. Therefore, honor God with your body (1 Cor6:20).

When God mad human beings in the book of Genesis, he breathed into their nostrils and they became living beings. It is that breath that added life to the dust that he made with his hands. It means that without life from God, you are indeed nothing. Jesus said in John 15:5 “apart from me, you can do nothing.” Quite a number. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Your duty and continual prayer is to honor God with your body. Preserve your chastity because that is dignity without equal in a woman. Those who have lost it can still go back to God for mercy and renewal. For the sake of God, seek for glory and honor above all else so that, in proper time, he will bless you.

I thank your president Mrs Martha Chioma IBEZIM for her motherly initiatives in implementing godly programs and activities that will add value to your lives. I also appreciate the efforts of your chaplain, coordinators and leaders towards sustaining the work of girls’ guild in the Diocese of Awka. I also encourage you future mothers to continue to identify yourselves with the activities of Girls’ Guild for spiritual development of your whole person. I wish you a fruitful and God-blessd Girls’ Guild Sunday Celebration.

I am your friend and bishop
The Rt. Revd

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