It was just in the afternoon on the 11th day of July 2016. I was just working the cloud when a question just dropped in my spirit: WHERE ARE THE YOUTHS?”, the voice asked me. As I continued to ponder over it, the same voice solemnly told me: “Until you know where these youths are, getting them back is impossible”. “Yes”, I concurred. Therefore, in this article, I just want to share with us on strategies of getting the youths back to the church and back to God.

Before I do, we need to first of all understand what church is. Until we do, we will not appreciate the results of the efforts we will be making if we implement the solutions I will be sharing with us in this article. First, I want to say categorically that the church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not a building anywhere with a signboard situated along the road pointing towards it direction. The church of God is simply a collection of believers that have gathered together in one accord for the sake of Christ. What I am sharing today is beyond denomination. Of course, the problem of locating the youths and bringing them back to their maker is not a respecter of any denomination. However, some denominations that have located where these youths are, and have taken proper action towards getting them back are already making progress in delivering the great commission. Those that have refused to follow the modern dynamics are those complaining that their youths have all gone astray. Now, if we want to grow a church, we will be taking our statistics based on the number of people that have believed in Jesus and have confessed him with their mouths.

Nowadays, every well-meaning Pastor, Priest, Bishop, Father, Mother and so on will be concerned about how to get the youths back. The word ‘back’ simply implies that they have strayed from where they are supposed to be. I have been hearing of this question, “Where are the youths….?” This connotes that there is a problem without the youths, even in the secular world, thus the need for the youths. I have just decided not to attach a biblical passage to this article, but I tell you, there is also an urgency in the heart of the master concerning the youths..youth sportsMany strategies have been put in place by churches to see that the youths come back to the church. Some have devised the idea of creating small youth groups that they christened zonal youths. This art of decentralization worked but did not last. Some said okay; let us introduce sports and recreation so as to get them back. This idea also did not work even in my own church. Some introduce business and co-operative societies as a means of getting the youths that only turned into building business. The aim was defeated.

The strategies have not been exhausted. I would that you list the strategies that you have tried in your own end. Why are the youths running away from God? What is it that tickles their fancy that would not let them come back to God? If you are youth whom God has helped to come back to him, may you share with us where you were before God got you back? I dare say again, ‘Until we know where these youths are and what is keeping them where they are, we will not be able to get them back.

I desired not to make it a long article, but it is becoming long. Please permit me to end this here.

If you desire to know where these youths are, then read the article, “WHERE ARE THE YOUTHS?”

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