If you followed my article titled “HOW TO GET BACK THE YOUTHS”, then you can follow on with this article. But if you have not read it, please go back and read that. My articles are short for I desire not to burden you with words.

On the 2nd day of July, during our youth conference, I was passing along the hostel area to get our delegates to come and help to clean the compound for the day’s program. It was about 7am in the morning. A young lady approached me and said to me, “Leader, please do you have INSTAGRAM on your mobile? Hmmm! I was surprised. “INSTAGRAM? This early in the morning?” I muttered within me. To her I said, “I do not think I have it, I haven’t used it before. Let me check.” I was just being polite, handling her as an egg so that I will not lose her. “Besides, even if it is in my mobile, I do not know how to use it”, I added. “Please, give me your phone let me transfer it”, She requested. “Hmmm!”, I wondered. “My phone? You are not serious”, I answered….

Did you follow the discussion? That is one of the places where they are. The next question is, “WHAT ARE THEY DOING THERE?” This is an important question that we cannot neglect. Until we know what they are doing, we will not be able to implement any idea that can get them out of the place where they are. Another important question we need to answer is WHY ARE THEY THERE?

This story might interest you. One day, I came to the church for evening bible study and follow up. I was to lead the meeting. I was there with a friend, when suddenly my phone rang. I looked and it was an unfamiliar number. So, I picked the call and put the phone on loudspeaker mode. Behold, it was a lady’s voice that I heard. At first, I wanted to know who was calling me. She introduced herself as my facebook friend. She asked me where I was and I told her. She said she wanted us to see. In fact, she said she wanted us to see. I told her I was about to enter a bible study class. She told me to leave the bible study for the day and continue another day. “Hmmm! This must be the agent of Leviathan”, I concluded. I wanted to know who gave her my number, she didn’t tell. She was asking me desperately to take her to Mr Biggs that Sunday. You may be wondering why I didn’t hang the call on her. She was the one that called and more so, I was being polite to see if I can get her back to God.

All I did that day was futile. Later in the night, she called again and spent minutes. Then I said to myself, this agent is right on a targeted mission to pull me down. I stopped picking her calls, she stepped over to whatsapp. Then, I blocked her on whatsapp. The communication ended.

Hope you got the whole story? Yes, it is a two-way traffic. You have seen what some of them are doing in the social media. With this, if you are going to get them back, you will really need to be armed. As I am writing, many have been caught in the web and many are persuading others into the trap of the web. Are you one of them? Please if you think that you are already caught in the web, then use the contact form and get back to me privately.

I do not want to border you with long articles. Do you now see where these youths are? Some are in Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram etc. Do you agree with me that the youths are in the web? If you do, do you know the implication of being in the web? Until you know the implication of being in the web, you cannot get them back, rather you also will be caught up in the web.

If you still desire to get them back, please read the post “SNATCH THEM AS FROM THE WEB”

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