The Holy Spirit dwells within man to be his life, and He rests upon man to be his power. The Spirit’s indwelling in man is for the purpose of becoming life to the believers and also for the purpose of producing the fruit of the Spirit in the believer’s living, such as holiness, righteousness, endurance, and joy. The Spirit’s outpouring upon man is for the purpose of clothing the believers with the Lord’s power for their testimony and also for the purpose of producing the gifts of the Spirit and empowering the believers to work for the Lord for the accomplishment of His will.

The Only Way

the way

It is like a bridge past a big ocean. The width is just about nine inches wide. It is not a dual road, so when any man begins a journey on it, he does not look back. It can only contain one person at a time. On the left and right, it is surrounded by a big ocean. It is like a step that starts and never ended until it enters into the cloud. The cloud actually seems to be the destination of every man following that path. No one was able to journey through it having interest on the waters. The fear of the waters makes one to make mistakes. I made mistake along the way, I was sore afraid, even afraid of the waters. I wanted to cut corners, in my discouragement and anxiety over the waters; I heard a voice which I revered so much call my Continue reading …

Superb Offer

special offer

“Jesus answered, ‘I am telling you the truth; one cannot see the kingdom of God without being born again.’”(John 3:3 GNB) A person is born physically of human parents but spiritually of the Spirit (John 3:6 GNB). Take this illustration: There’s man who was about to celebrate his birthday. So invited all his friends and relations. On the deal day, all invited guests gathered in his house with wonderful birthday gifts. They were all happy for him. In a moment, this man paused from singing the birthday song and everybody was astonished. They started asking him what went wrong. He kept quiet for sometimes and later shouted that he had two birthdays, that the one he was celebrating was the first while the other would be coming up the next two weeks – which was his greatest birthday. His friends and relations were confused and asked him if he was joking or insane. They Continue reading …

These Things

Wars and rumors of war

I woke up one morning in September 2011, going about my daily chores. Suddenly, I heard a voicethat asked me “Do you see these things?”  Immediately, as if he knew I would want to know which things he was asking about, he gave me this scriptural passage(Matt 24:2): And Jesus said to them, ‘Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down’. At this point, I needed nobody to tell me that the voice was asking concerning the end of age. I took my gaze off the temple of Jerusalem cited in that scripture to this present world. I looked round the continent of Africa; I saw wars and rumors of war. In the Asian continent, I saw natural disasters and so on. Then I came down to Nigeria. It is Boko Continue reading …

Weekend Of Prayer 2015


You are invited to the Diocesan Youth Council weekend of prayer meeting scheduled to hold at St Stephens’ Anglican Church Ugwuoba. The meeting will draw youths from all the nooks and crannies of the diocese. The theme is “Time for Fervent Prayers”. Please make every effort to be there. You’ve got to reclaim your lost inheritance.