We accept Christian articles from Christians around the world who would want their articles to be published in our website. We also publish true testimonies of the doings of our God through the agency of His word.

Have you been touched in any way by the Lord Jesus Christ, please feel free to let others know about it by sharing such experience with the children of God around the world. What’s your testimony? Remember, they overcame him by the blood and by the word of their testimonies.

If you are also a tract evangelist, please feel free to send us your tracts and we shall be happy to publish it. Our duty is to do all we can to point men towards the perfect man Jesus.

We will also be happy to publish your book reviews alongside with the link of where such book could be bought or freely downloaded.

Now, make haste. Start writing, and get published. Your opportunity to reach out to millions of people around the world.



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